fun fact: “nolo” is latin for “do not want” so if someone says yolo you can say nolo and they’ll think its just a stupid comeback but in all actuality you’re speaking latin which is classy as shit so haha the jokes on them

and it means “(you’re) embarrassing” in finnish so it’s double joke on them


The more you nolo

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reblog if you are sorry ms. jackson and also are for real

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Lykke Li
"No Rest For The Wicked" (A$AP Rocky Remix)

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Like most sensitive souls, you already know you’re sensitive.
You soak up others’ moods and desires like a sponge. You absorb sensation the way a paintbrush grasps each color it touches on a palette. The ethereal beauty of a dandelion, the shift of a season, the climax of a song, or a certain stirring scent can evoke such wonder it’ll behave as your very breath itself- moving through cells as fuel does to fire and wind does to waves. Victoria Erickson  (via awakenedvibrations)

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We all romanticize the people we adore. John Green (via analectic)

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no one’s an atheist 30 seconds before an orgasm


that’s the spirit

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1. Make sure you own a nice bed.

2. Sleep in it frequently.

3. Remember how nice it feels to flip over your pillow to the cooler side.

4. Check your pulse and hum along to the rhythm because it is music.

5. Write clear and make a lot of spelling errors. Get the poison out and don’t worry about it being neat.

6. If you can, do not shut people out. You will have good days and they should see them.

7. If you feel overwhelmed, go outside and scream. Find a nice empty park in the middle of the night and scream as loud as you can until your throat is bleeding. The world wants to hear you.

8. Let yourself fall in love. Believe it or not, there are people out there who want your blacks and blues.

9. Keep waking up.

10. Keep waking up.

11. Keep waking up. Maybe with someone next to you.

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I’m sorry I am but nothing will ever top this gif this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and I want to kiss this dog

He’s ready for an adventure

Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.


Such light


It’s too hot *opens window* in comes 20 flies, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 Jehovah’s witnesses.

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